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Strongholds (Tier 6 Skirmishes)

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Strongholds (Tier 6 Skirmishes)  Empty Strongholds (Tier 6 Skirmishes)

Post by 85echo on Tue Jun 02, 2015 10:49 am

This topic is the thoughts of myself from experience in commanding skirmish detachments at Tier 6.  It is by no means an exhaustive or proscriptive way of doing things; it's what works for me, and from what I see, it gets good results.  Feel free to add to this topic (commanders and players alike) in order to build up a knowledge base of how to do well at this level, with the intent of moving up to Tier 8 Skirmish battles, and give our Junior Officers a handrail to use on their journey up to Field Commander.


Identify the commander before the battle button is hit.

The commander should give a quick initial brief during the 30 sec countdown, pinging the map for clarification where necessary.  The first brief should be for the initial detachment deployment only, not a full battle plan.  Situations change on first contact, so concentrate on getting the right tanks in the right place.

If you are still talking when the counter hits 0 your plan is too complex.  Your team should be moving at this point.  Keep an eye on where your team are going in the first minute; after this it can become difficult to relocate a tank that is not in the correct position.  Give orders in phases as the battle progresses.

Drive something that does not put you in the thick of the battle, and is mobile enough to get you around to key positions (i.e a light or medium tank).  Your job is to command, not brawl.  Keep talking, keep an eye on the map, think about the next step ahead. This is called situational awareness; it will come with practice.

If you die, do not stop commanding; the battle is not lost.  Jump to spectate to another team members tank, and direct from there.

Team Composition

My preferences are:

3 Heavies, 2 Meds, 2 Lights.

Preferred tanks for detachment:

Heavies (in order of preference)

KV85 or T150
KV2 (with derp)


Cromwell/Cromwell B


Type 64
AMX 12t

FV304 and Hellcat (with 76mm and plenty of gold) do have a place (swap for a med or light) in some situations.  I personally don't like any other TDs or Arty in my detachments (although you may have other opinions).

Strategy and Tactics

Use the Manouverist approach (Hans Guderian - a German general who is still studied today by the British Army) in the battle plan:

Find - locate the enemy (Lts and Meds)

Fix - Hold them in position (harrassing fire from Meds/TDs/Lts)

Destroy - Hammer time! (Heavies and arty)

It is important to win the first firefight; and scouts are a priority.  Taking out their "eyes" will give you freedom of movement, but balance this with preserving HP of your team.  Only engage early if you know you can win the  initial firefight.

Mutual support is key; do not let individual tanks become isolated.  They will die and their gun and eyes are lost to the battle.

Find, Fix, Destroy can be done by active or passive scouting whilst leaving a reserve to come in and do the heavy hitting, or by moving as a complete group with a recconaissance screen in front (the German Heavy Recce - this is an actual tactic from real life still used today).  In this tactic, the recce screen finds the enemy, then withdraws and relocates to a flank or depth postion; the heavies then roll in in do what heavies do best.

Each map, each enemy team, each detachment will have different scenarios available to you.  Experiment and find out what works.

As the battle progresses to Fix, concentrate firepower, however, keep an eye on your own cap.  If a tank (or tanks) is unspotted, assume he/they will be heading for your cap.

Do not try and dominate the whole map; you only have 7 tanks.  Decide what you can do with what you have and identify key points to hold/spot.  Map knowledge will come with practice.

Lastly, a defeat is a learning opportunity.  Do not blame any member of the team, including yourself.  Have a quick think about what went wrong, and what you would do different in that situation next time it occurs.

Detachment Members

Do not use Skirmishes to grind out XP on various tanks.  Stick to ones that you (and the Field Commander) are comfortable with, are fully upgraded and have a decent crew with some skills/perks. Meds and Lights need Sixth Sense, and Recon and Situational Awareness are also desirable.  I prefer my Lights in a detachment to have Coated Optics over Binos as equipment, as active and immediate scouting can pay dividends in these fast moving battles, but I don't insist on people changing equipment.  A player plays what he is comfortable with.

Listen to the 30 second brief.  If you don't understand, miss something, or aren't loaded into the map when it is pinged, ask.  Don't spend the first 30 seconds countdown chatting about the relative merits of this gun over the other.

Always remember the goal of Skirmishing is to win resources for the team and the clan; individual damage and kills are secondary.  Don't fly in for a kill if you your commander needs you to to relocate.  Don't freestyle; if you're going to do something, tell the team BEFORE you do it, not whilst you are moving or after.  Your Commander may have other priorities.

Try and focus fire low health targets with your teammates.  Taking an enemy gun out of the battle is more important than your individual damage score.

Speak up if you notice something the commander has missed, or if you aren't comfortable doing what you are asked to do.

Say your name when you talk; it helps the Commander locate you on the map.


Have fun.

Try and get at least two dedicated commanders per detachment, but do not change every other battle.  This causes disruption to the flow of command style. 4/5 battles per commander helps prevent battle fatigue, and you will both learn something from each other.

You will not be the Desert Fox immediately.  It takes time; but success will come.

Please keep this thread going with feedback.

Last edited by 85echo on Tue Jun 02, 2015 2:13 pm; edited 6 times in total (Reason for editing : spelling)


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Strongholds (Tier 6 Skirmishes)  Empty Re: Strongholds (Tier 6 Skirmishes)

Post by Blast_67 on Tue Jun 02, 2015 11:50 am

Just a little add on for helping the commander / team. When you mention something during battle (or are spotted) Say your name but also hit F7. (help) The commander (and team) will know you dont actually need help, it just helps commander spot where you are on the mini-map.


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Strongholds (Tier 6 Skirmishes)  Empty Re: Strongholds (Tier 6 Skirmishes)

Post by Drakk on Wed Jun 03, 2015 5:01 pm

Cheers Echo for the time taken to write this. I've had a good read and I certainly won't be shy in seeking advice from you and others also.


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Strongholds (Tier 6 Skirmishes)  Empty Re: Strongholds (Tier 6 Skirmishes)

Post by Dr_Dip on Wed Jun 03, 2015 6:10 pm

If it preferred not to take in arty for skirmishes I shall not jump in any more when the invites go out, if you decide at the time that you do want an arty then pls let me know through chat. This will stop me from inadvertently taking a slot when a tank would be preferred.


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Strongholds (Tier 6 Skirmishes)  Empty Re: Strongholds (Tier 6 Skirmishes)

Post by 85echo on Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:47 pm

Personally, I'd rather take 7 in, rather than go in with 6.

And the way you play Bert, Dr_Dip, you're welcome in my detachment any day of the week.


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Strongholds (Tier 6 Skirmishes)  Empty Re: Strongholds (Tier 6 Skirmishes)

Post by Dr_Dip on Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:51 pm

Sorry echo I cant read your reply there is a picture over half the text.


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Strongholds (Tier 6 Skirmishes)  Empty Re: Strongholds (Tier 6 Skirmishes)

Post by Dr_Dip on Thu Jun 04, 2015 6:45 pm

Awww thats really nice of you to say mate, thank you. I just dont want to take a slot when the clan would do better with a tank in it, so pls tell me and if you dont want an arty for any reason, i will not be offended, i just want whats best for the clan.


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Strongholds (Tier 6 Skirmishes)  Empty Re: Strongholds (Tier 6 Skirmishes)

Post by Sponsored content

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