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Whats Best Clan Wars Tanks

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Whats Best Clan Wars Tanks Empty Whats Best Clan Wars Tanks

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 25, 2015 4:32 am

The best tanks for clan wars is a hotly debated topic that can only be answered by incredibly few people: those people that have actually held land. Here they are ranked worst to best by division. This topic was created so that the clan can develop a clear
Clan Wars Blueprint so that members I have an idea of what they are aiming for when grinding up the tiers. This will enable field commanders to generate a short list preferred tier 10 tanks together with building a database of tanks already available to them.


If the tanks are in the same division, they are roughly the same desirability.
Every good clan wars strategy involves swarming of some kind.  This isn’t a pub game where 5 go here, 5 go there, 3 over yonder, and 2 arty in the corner.  The team can be spread out for segments, but when it comes time to fight, the vast majority of your tanks will be firing on one location.  Everyone doesn’t have to be zerging, but the team will be in sight and firing distance of each other save for maybe a scout or two.
Mobility matters.  Fights take place in odd places of the map, and fights don’t look like pub games.  Since it’s best to fight together, the team will only be as strong as its’  slowest tank.
Aim time matters.  The earlier shots can fly, the earlier people die.  If the tank has a 3.4 aim time, it better not be for some stupid 390 damage shot.
These are not only my opinions, but tanks that landholding clans overwhelmingly use or don’t use.  A lot of people will be upset that I ranked tank X too low, but when it’s time for battle the caller will ask for 1 (and only 1) of that tank if at all.  So maybe some tanks see more use than I give credit for, but 28 of the 30 tanks will still be the staples.


Maus – The rear mounted turret is always a problem, as it limits what the tank can do.  The crazy HP is the selling point of the tank, but it lacks any offensive punch.  In the damage soaking role it’s completely overshadowed by the E-100 for the low price of 300 HP.

IS-4 – The small HP boost is nice, but it’s not a full 400 HP over the staple tanks.  Since 400 is the average damage per shot, getting 300 more HP doesn’t mean much.  The gun and mobility aren’t devastatingly bad, but they aren’t a real strong point either.

E50M – Even after the updates making the E50M stronger, it still fills a role that’s not needed: the medium/heavy hybrid.  The damage per minute is still far below the T62a/Object 140 while giving nothing substantial in return.  The turret is still the weakest part of the tank (again in contrast to its’ RU competition), which is a significant downside.  So it still can’t take hits nor give them in a clan wars setting.

GWE 100 – Artillery mostly comes down to personal preference of the driver or battle caller, but here there’s a special case: the speed on the GWE is just too slow.  Clan wars strategies involve arty moving to vastly different places on the map than in pub games to get angles, and many times keeping up with the main battle force.  The GWE just doesn’t have the mobility.

JPE100 – Low damage per minute tank destroyer with no turret or mobility with a rear mounted gun?  It’s the epitome of suck.

M48A1 – Some of the things that matter in pub games just don’t matter in clan wars, and the M48 is a great example of this.  It has great gun depression, good DPM, solid snap shot capability, and great vision.  These things matter in clan wars, but when it’s possible to take the best tank, there’s no reason to take an inferior version.  The gun depression and 420 view range are things to really covet in pubs but work less well in clan wars due to swarming tactics and view range caps.

T110E3 – The E3 doesn’t have enough advantages over the F155 or 268, nor does it have a turret like the E4.  There’s nothing wrong with the tank itself other than it’s overshadowed by better tanks.

FV4202 – It’s a medium travelling at heavy speed, which makes it worse than taking a T110E5 in every way.

FV215b – Rear mounted turret takes what is actually an OK tank and dooms it to never-ran status.  Good DPM for a heavy.

FV215b (183) – Rear mounted gun with unreliable penetration on the HESH round make this tank not even worth considering.

113 / 121 – These tanks are both hurt by aim time.  Sure, not having gun depression is annoying but it’s not fatal.  It’s the ridiculous aim time that each gets compared to their peers.

Object 263 – Rear mounted gun, OK DPM, with a dependence on armor thickness for defense that will be overcome by all the gold rounds.  The open top comes into play less in clan wars, but it’s still a liability.


IS-7 – While sporting one of the worst guns at tier 10, the IS-7 has uniquely shaped frontal armor and turret lending itself to strong hull-down play and spearheading attacks.  While not usable on every map and strategy, the possibility does exist for them to be useful.

Object 268 - If there’s a need for a traditional tank destroyer, the Object 268 gets the nod.  With big alpha, great DPM, great camouflage, nice speed, and a surprisingly sturdy frame, this tank does all that is asked of it.  However, there’s a definite lack of necessity for traditional tank destroyers due to how battles are fought in locations that nearly require turrets or gun depression.


Leopard 1 – The Leo is a very good tank that has exceptional mobility and a great gun, able to fill a scout role should there be a lack of Bats.  The Bat gets the nod over the Leo for having a smaller size and an autoloader.  When it comes time to fight, clipping a tank is better than sniping a tank.  Again, the Leo is still very good and sees play but it’s not the ideal scout.

T110E4 – The E4 is tough as nails and sports huge alpha with a turret!  The turret is a big selling point, giving flexibility in positioning and strategy.  However, when mobility is more important the E4 hits the bench for an actual heavy tank.  And defensively, why not use an E-100 that has more HP and roughly the same everything else?

F155 – Great armor, good alpha, great mobility, and an autoloader capable of clipping a tier 10?  The fact that this tank is nearly the symbol of perfection but still not a clan wars staple shows just how important turrets are.

AMX 50B – The 50B carries an all important autoloader, able to clip tanks off of the field very quickly.  However, it also commits the crime of not being a T57: the intra-clip reload time of 2 seconds on the T57 vs 3 seconds on the 50B is very noticeable, as is the shorter clip reload time on the T57.  However, since autoloaders are so valuable the 50B does make appearances from time to time.  When the T57 gets nerfed sometime soon, the 50B might gain in favor over the T57.  The humongous turret is a liability that’s tough to live with at times.


T62a / Object 140 – The difference between these tanks is so subtle that a lot of people miss it, and I’ll group them into the same category.  The Object 140 has 1 more degree of gun depression (helps use the tough turret better), but the T62a snap shots better (literally doesn’t require aiming at all).  Whichever one is chosen is fine, as they both have a strong turret, great DPM, good mobility, and brawl very well.  They simply set the standard for medium tanks: able to fill scouting roles when necessary, add significant damage when in the back, using their mobility to be exactly where they will make the most difference, and having defensive characteristics to survive some incoming fire.

E100 – If mobility is important, what is this fascist box tank doing here?  Simple: it’s a counter to auto-loaders.  With 2700 HP, it’s able to eat a clip from every auto-loader and still survive.  With strong frontal armor and shot-eating tracks, its’ survivability is excellent.  It’s frequently placed in defensive roles because of its’ speed.  The gun has excellent alpha, able to make a difference in the battle other than simply absorbing incoming fire.

T110E5 – The once mighty E5 has started to fall out of favor but is still commonly seen.  The greatest strength of the tank is also it’s largest weakness: it’s all-around capabilities.  On offense, autoloaders are frequently chosen to eliminate tanks from the battle very quickly.  On defense, defensive monsters like the E-100 soak up damage with it’s HP pool that’s 500 HP more than the E5.  The E5 won’t fall completely out of favor, as it’s simply too good at being a long-standing presence on the field wherever it is.

Bat – The batchat has been around seemingly forever, and it seems like it will hold the scout spot for all time.  A compact size and great mobility allow the tank to fulfill a scout role as well as any tank in the game.  The selling point is really the auto-loader.  2K damage in 12 seconds can easily change the course of a battle, and is excellent in swarming tactics.  For a strategy more intent on bleeding the opposition, the Leo 1 is going to be better suited due to quick aim time and firing.  However, the meta-game tends to be around mass engagements where front-loading damage is paramount.

T57 – Ridiculous DPM on a mobile platform would be one thing, but being able to throw down 1.6K damage in six seconds is insane.  The armor looks weak but is based on angles.  The shape of the turret will get more bounces than would be expected.  The tank is a current favorite, causing a rise in E-100′s to soak up damage in response.  The tank has been confirmed to be receiving future nerfs, which are long overdue.

Object 261 / Bat 155 / T92 / CGC – Artillery is chosen on availability, map, and caller or player preference.  These are all mobile enough to get into position and keep up with the main attacking force and thus all see play.


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