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    SU-122-44 - Radley Walters, Ace Tanker @ El Halluf

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    SU-122-44 - Radley Walters, Ace Tanker @ El Halluf

    Post by Lomion68 on Thu Jul 23, 2015 11:41 am

    More ace tanker Gameplay with the bonus of a Radley Walters.  Very much more tense this time.  Please view in YT and like/Comment on the video there.

    Here are the stats for this game

    EXP 1,949
    WN8 17,103
    Damage Done 4,847
    Hit% 86%
    Pen% 79%
    Assisted Dmg 268
    Damage Received 840
    Damage Blocked 1,120
    Net CR 82,737
    Gross CR 122,452
    Base XP 1,949
    XP received 2,923

    "Ace" Tanker, Radley-Walters, Top Gun, High Caliber, Fire For Effect, Reaper, Duelist, Sharp Shooter, Demolition Expert

    I've added in the comments on YouTube how I think that I could have won this with so little health available.


    Honestly, when he was engaging our  Hummel.  If I had got Directly behind he wouldn't have had a shot on me.  Low profile of the SU-122-44 and the long rear of the TOG* II meant that he wouldn't have been able to get the gun down.


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