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Some Do's & Don'ts for World Of Tanks

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Some Do's & Don'ts for World Of Tanks

Post by fubar on Sun Feb 22, 2015 4:57 am

Do: Push around the corner and overwhelm that single tank with your buddies before he reloads.

DON’T: Cower in fear and allow the enemy to reload and/or reinforce and then push into certain death.

DO: Be aggressive with your zippy light tank and scout ahead for your team(netting you half their experience and credits).

DON’T: Be aggressive with your zippy light tank by charging straight into the enemy spawn 30 seconds into a match.

DO: Complain about matchmaking when there are 8+ SPGs on each team.

DON’T: Complain about matchmaking when you are within 3 tiers of the top tank.

DON’T: Complain about matchmaking when you are in a light tank and should be scouting.

DO: Use your much heavier tank traveling at warp speed down a cliff to ram the helpless tank stuck in front of you for massive damage.

DON’T: Ram your much lighter tank into a much heavier opponent thus killing yourself and accomplishing nothing but making them laugh.

DO: Retreat and run like hell if you know you are about to be overrun beforehand and can prevent it.

DON’T: Sit there and die in the first volley of shots and then blame your teammates for your mistake.

DO: Return to your flag to protect it if you see multiple tanks advancing to it with no defense to stop them.

DON’T: Continue pushing to the enemy flag and expect to somehow out capture them.

DO: Push ahead of your team’s SPG's and light up targets for them and spot incoming scouts well in advance.

DON’T: Sit directly next to your team’s SPG's in your base allowing the enemy to easily pick them off while you wonder why you couldn't protect them.

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